“For I resolved to know nothing while I was with you 
except Jesus Christ and Him crucified.”
1 Corinthians 2:2 NIV

16 4JSUS  

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In the fall of 2006 Brian Hoover wanted to write a song about Lauren and present it to the Parker family for Christmas 2006.  He had used parts of Laurens writings as well as pieces of his own conversations with Lauren while being her youth pastor. With the song nearly completed in November of 2006 Brian felt that the song was missing something. He then stumbled upon a pastor/song writer from Pickens, SC.  His name was Alan Callahan.  Alan was a senior pastor of a church in Easley, SC  but he also had written many songs and led several Christian Rock bands for nearly 20 years. Brian called Alan and shared Lauren’s story with him and asked if he would help.  Alan not only jumped at the opportunity but felt he had much more to give to this effort. He not only helped Brian finish “I surrender” but also wrote another song about Lauren called “And More”.  This phenomenal song expresses the richness of knowing Christ and him giving us more than we could ever imagine.  Alan also wrote the music and sang this wonderful song.  For “I surrender”, Alan had his son Chasen and his band Chasen play the music and sing the song with Brian’s wife Jennifer singing back up.  Chasen happens to be singed with OMG records now touring the nation.  You can check them out at www.chasenmusic.com. Both of these songs were given to the Parker family for Christmas 2006.  Without Alan’s beautiful gift and the support of Chasen these songs would have never come to completion. Much gratitude and thanks is expressed to them.  



By: Lauren Parker


Surrender brings peace.


I surrender my hopes and fears,

I surrender my gifts and weaknesses


Surrender brings peace.


I surrender my heart and soul,

I surrender my time and worship


Surrender brings peace.


I surrender my body and mind,

I surrender my rights and wrongs.


Surrender brings peace.


I abandon myself for the one who will

never abandon me.


Surrender brings me peace and joy.


“I Will” & “And More”

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