“For I resolved to know nothing while I was with you 
except Jesus Christ and Him crucified.”
1 Corinthians 2:2 NIV

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When I was in High School I worked at a Ford Dealership (Sorry Chevy fans) after school.  My primary job was cleaning and detailing cars (real glamorous).  I usually worked outside with three older guys, no matter the weather.  We all liked to play pranks on each other but some pranks were forbidden.  For instance:  Nothing could involve fire!  Nothing could involve stealing one’s car (they were not ours)!  No one played with snakes (real or not)!  On one hot (did I say hot) day we all were working on the “cleaning assembly line”.  The cleaning assembly line consisted of someone who washed the car, one who vacuumed and then finally the last person cleaned the windows and shined the tires.  On this particular day (did I mention it was HOT) I was cleaning the windows and shinning the tires.  Everything was work as usual until IT happened.  The “IT” that happened was one of the funniest things I have ever witnessed.  


Out of the blue, I watched a grown man jump over a car and literally run down a two lane road without ever looking back.  All the while, two other men lay on the ground laughing hysterically.  What could have scared this man that bad?  I went over to the car he was vacuuming and found what had scared him so bad.  The other guys had wet a 4’ long rubber black snake and stuck it under the seat.  When the “scared” gentlemen reached under the seat to push it back, he grabbed the snake instead of the push bar.  I guess I should mention he was terrified of snakes.  


I smile every time I think of that day and although it was hilarious (for us); it was a real fear for him.  We all have different fears; in fact a pole in USA Weekend recently reported the following items that Americans are afraid of:


· 25% of natural disasters

· 28% of getting aids

· 30%of exposure to foreign viruses

· 32% of paying current debts

· 33% of being a victim of individual violence

· 34% of pesticides in foods

· 35% of being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s

· 36% of being food poisoned

· 49% of not having enough money for retirement

· 50% of inadequate Social Security

· 53% are afraid of getting cancer

· 54% are afraid of a car crash


Not afraid of any of these?  What about these famous phobias:


· Crowds—ochlophobia

· Darkness—nyctophobia

· Being looked at by other people—scopophobia

· Loneliness—monophobia

· Marriage—gamophobia

· Ridicule (being made fun of)—categelophobia

· Death—thanataphobia

· School—schoolphobia

· Cleaning—dusaphobia


Did any of your fears or a phobia you might have make any one of these lists?  We all either have fears or have feared something at some point in our lives.  Some would say that it is a part of life.  Whether true or not, fear can cause us a lot of damage and even paralyze us.  Fear is defined as: “to be afraid of” or anxiety caused by a real or possible danger, pain, etc; fright, apprehension or concern”.  Sometimes fear is a good thing because it causes us not to do something that could otherwise harm us.  


I have found in my life that fear, more times than not, hinders me from being all that I could be.  Let me explain.  Fear of rejection has kept me from initiating and developing healthy relationships.  Sometimes, fear of rejection can cause us to lie, manipulate and even become controlling.  Fear of the unknown has often times kept me from taking “healthy” risk and caused me, at times, to be complacent.  Some of us fear being left alone.  Maybe we have been abandoned by a parent or love one and don’t want to relive those feelings.


Whether it is going out for the team, putting in a resume, making new friends, loving with your “whole” heart and even being yourself, don’t let fear paralyze you!  We have been there.  I have been there more times than I like to admit.  In fact, something happened to me about two years ago that caused fear to control me.  When I say control I mean it!  I was almost driven me out of my mind.  I formed a new definition for fear and here it is:


My definition for fear is simply: The lack of faith or trust in something or someone greater than your self.  


It may not be original (don’t sue me if you said it first) but it is real to me.  What and who I believed in became the catalyst of every particle of my being.  Every time I go to the ocean I’m reminded just how small I am and that there is something or someone so much greater than I.  I believe there is a God, a creator, who knows my very being and who is capable of handling whatever fears I may have.  


I encourage you to find a Bible and read Psalm 46.  I pray that it brings you as much peace as it has me.  



If you would like to go deeper in this “Insight” you can go through the following exercises:


· Make a list of all the fears your parents had when you were child.  (If your parents are alive) Make a list of all the fears your parent have now.  


· Make a list of all of your fears.  Take your time and think about every aspect of your life.


1. Do your fears keep you up at night?

2. Do your fears cause you to think about them during the day?

3. Do your fears cause you to do irrational things?

4. Do your fears cause you to become numb and complacent?  

5. Do your fears cause you to become depressed and self-absorbed?




Psalm 46

“A song of HOPE and ASSURANCE in the face of life darkest moments”



God is our source of HOPE!

Verses 1-3


-If God is for US who can be against US?



God is our reason for HOPE!

Verses 4-7


-In the midst of our biggest trials he provides everything we need!




God provides us with HOPE!  He is our Fortress.

Verses 8-10


-God invites us to come in and wait under his wings of protection.



Read verses 10-11 and write them down on a card.  Ask Jesus for faith to trust Him at his Word.  Trust Him with your mind and heart.  


Trust Him to lead you!


By Brian Hoover