“For I resolved to know nothing while I was with you 
except Jesus Christ and Him crucified.”
1 Corinthians 2:2 NIV

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But What About Me?

"But what about me?"

I read this poem recently by Danielle Rosenblatt and I found it interesting.  

Forgive the sun who didn't shine

The sky had asked her to dine

Forgive the stars that heard your wish

The moon prepared their favorite dish

Forgive the rain for it's attack

The clouds have tears they can't hold back

Don't hate the birds 'cause they are free

Don't envy all the things they see

Don't block the wind, but hear its cry

Or else that wind may pass you by

Forgive the storm it means no harm

Could not resist to show its charm

Forgive the earth that never turns

Don't hate the sun, because too much burns

Life intend to not cause pain

The flowers bloom from all the rain

The storm will come an it will pass

The sun shines, it grows the grass

The wind it cannot help but cry

The stars at night light up the sky

Forgive the world in which we live

We'll all find peace if we forgive


You know, I really don't get into poetry or essays (I'm not hate'n if you do) but this poem connected with me.  It is so easy to see our cups half-empty rather than half-full and don't we miss the roses for those pesty thorns?  I mean, let it do something simple like rain and our whole day is ruined.  We often fail to see the good things in life because we more often than not look for the bad.  We can find fault in anything, I mean anything.  The sad thing about that statement is that it is EASY to look around us and all the BAD around us.  For some of us we were born into the bad. The "bad" found us and harmed us.  Last year alone there were over 3 million cases of child abuse or neglect in the United States.  That was only the "reported" ones.  There are millions of teenagers and tens of millions of adults who live everyday with the nightmares of abuse.  For these and many alike, it is hard to see the sun for the clouds and it is hard to smile when you want to cry.  

Here goes the big "BUT" question.  But, what if that mind-set changed?  What if I start looking at my present condition and perceive something great happening?  What if I see flowers blooming after the rain?  What if that abused child grows up and changes the world? What is I stop blaming society for my grief, sadness, pain and hate and begin to make today better than yesterday?  What if I seek to make this world a better place than when I found it?   

Those are a lot of "what ifs" but their are also a lot of people who need YOU to do something.  They need help and your the person to do it.  There is only one catch.  You must forgive!  When we forgive, we cut the shackles of that beast of "hate".  He also goes by the name of "revenge" and sometimes he is called "bitterness".  When we forgive those who have hurt us we release ourselves to be what we are suppose to be.  That is FREE!  

Be free today and change your world.


By Brian Hoover